Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ready to Frame

I like to hang pictures around the house.  I have a set of brown frames in my living room and a set white ones that are in my stairwell going up to the bedrooms.  I mostly buy the same types of frames (I like a certain brown one from Kohl's and the white ones from Ikea), but I will occasionally find another type that I like too.  Whatever frame I find, there is usually one thing that irks me....when I have to hang them on the wall with the hardware that they come with.  It's usually the sawtooth hanger or a teeny triangle that goes on the nail.  I don't really care for either of them because they aren't typically centered on the frame.

I do like the way professional framers put the wire on the back. It makes it easier to hang and helps make it more even.

So whenever I have a frame that needs wire, this is what I do:

You'll need a staple gun, wire cutters, some type of sturdy wire (I use floral wire which does the trick), and rubber pads (optional - but help to keep the frame "stuck" to the wall and prevents any scratching).

First, I take cut a piece of wire that is about two inches past the edge of the frame.

Then I use the staple gun to attach the wire to the frame and twist the remaining wire.

Then I staple a part of the twisted wire just to make it a bit more secure. The last thing I want is my picture falling off the wall !

Then I put the rubber sticker on the back corner.  Typically, I would put one on each bottom corner, but because I didn't want take off the thing that stands up the frame, I only put it on the bottom right corner.  That way it's even on the wall.

And now it's ready to be hung !

The frame is one of the brown ones I love from Kohl's.  I have tons of them.  And the print is from an old magazine I found in my Grandma's house.  Looks good in the bathroom!

How do you hang up your frames?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too!


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