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Sitting on a Pedestal

Last year when my paternal Grandma downsized, this lovely pedestal came into my possession. It's a nice size, but in need of a slight makeover. I started off by unscrewing the legs and taking off the fabric.  The bottom was glued, so I had to do some prying and ripping, but it eventually came off.  The stuffing was interesting - not really a pillow or a foam was sort of like a square of "stuff".  I'm not really sure what this "stuff" was, but it was soft and it didn't smell so I didn't replace it.  I flipped over the pedestal on top of the new fabric and cut about 3 1/2 inches past the edge of the pedestal so that there was enough fabric to staple to the back. I also cut a piece of white fabric that I had laying around to hold the "stuffing" in place. I stapled that first to make sure everything stayed in place. Next it was time to put the new fabric into place.  I folded up two sides and stapled those.

Firing Up Some Tile

Ever since we bought the house back in May, I knew that I wanted to touch up the fireplace in our basement.  It had a beautiful white mantel, but also a blank, black space above the hearth: During an innocent trip to Lowe's for some lightbulbs, out of the corner of my eye, I spied some GORGEOUS glass tile : At $4.98 for a 12x12 sheet of tile, I couldn't pass it up. I purchased two of them.  I knew it would be the perfect touch to the fireplace.  I've never tiled before, so I asked a nice Lowe's employee to point me in the direction of the smallest amount of mortar and grout that I could buy.  I knew I only needed a little bit because the area was so small.  He showed me two tubs of both that were perfect.  I picked up a trowel and a grout sponge and I was ready to go. The mortar was a ready-to-use, no mix adhesive and the grout was unsanded white.  I just had to add water to it.  First, I cut the sheet almost in half with a box cutter and matched

Craft Area Update

Since my last major clean-up of my craft area in  February , my craft area started to get a bit cluttered again:  It's a bit messy, but it's been worse.  However, it was in need of an update.  I've been wanting to get a new table for some time now, as this one is, from what I'm told, is my great-grandma's.  As lovely as it is, it's a bit musty smelling and the paint is chipping and most objects stick to the paint on the top.  I finally got the push to go to IKEA and get a new table.  I love how inexpensive their tables can be.  I picked up the  VIKA AMON  ($26) top and four  VIKA ADILS  legs ($3.50 each !) for my new table. It was simple to put together.  They had predrilled holes in the top for the legs to go in. I just followed the directions to attach the legs to the top: Then I rearranged my area a bit and organized some and voila: My area is once again organized and now I have a more functional table top to work on.  It's smooth, not st