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Garden Update life's been a bit hectic lately.  I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month !   This topic seems the easiest to post right now since I haven't had much time to do much around the house. Since my post about  starting pots with newspaper , I've had a couple mishaps with the starter pots - but no fault of the pots themselves !  First, Stout thought it would be fun to pick out and munch on about half of the labeled popsicle sticks (maybe I shouldn't have left them on the ground...oops).  Even though they were not labeled, most pots survived the canine attack.  But then a drought and heavy heat came upon the surviving sprouts.  While I was away and left the hubs in charge of watering my little sprouts, they got a little too much  A LOT of sun and not enough water.  Out of all 22 started plants, one bean, one zucchini, one cucumber, and three basil plants survived the disasters. Look how sad the plants look ! So I planted the survivors (with p