Thursday, February 2, 2012

I've Got the Hang of It!

So everyone who knows me, knows my love of pictures and photography.  I love looking at, scrapbooking, and taking photos (and I strive to take better ones - someday I'll be there).  But until then, I will still enjoy all the ones that I take as well as my family's and friends' photos.  

In the new house I have two photo walls that are a work-in-progress: One on the middle floor living room (brown frames)  and one at the top of the third floor steps (white frames-which will eventually spill over into the stairway).  After searching for the best way to hang up numerous pictures, I found some tips and started to hang. 

Tip 1: Typically, frames that are the same color or type are visually appealing.  Too many colors or shapes can be distracting, so the best combo would probably be to keep the frames the same color and use different shapes/designs (or same shapes works too).  You don't want to use different colors, even with same shapes...but it is your house - make it your own! 

Tip 2: To make the wall visually pleasing, pick a focal point - either an invisible horizontal or vertical line that the frames will follow. I chose horizontal.  When you don't have either, it might look messy and imbalanced. 

Step 1: Lay out your framed photos on the floor, bed, table, or some big area where you can figure out how you want to arrange them. Play around with the display, looking to see which frames go best next to each other.  I probably changed the arrangement at least six times before deciding which one to go with.

Step 2: Take newspaper, wrapping paper, or any big paper and trace each frame on it.  Cut it out.  Take painter's tape and tape the cut-outs on the wall to see what your display will look like.  I kept an inch of space around each frame to keep a balanced look.

Step 3: Before hanging the photos, I used a staple gun and stapled some picture hanging wire to the backs to use instead of the typical hooks on the back.  You can use the regular hooks if you want though.  Measure from the bottom of the hook or top of the wire (pull it up and tight as it would be when it is hung)  to the top of the frame.  Go to your paper cut outs, take off the tape on one side and fold the paper over in half to find the middle.  Unfold it and retape. Then measure  from the top of the paper at the crease to whatever length you measured at the beginning of this step. Mark that spot on the paper with a marker or pencil.

Step 4: Hammer in the nail on the spot you just marked. Hang the picture over the paper cut-out.  Adjust if necessary. If that is a good spot, take off the frame, pull/tear off the paper and stick the frame back up.  Repeat for other frames.  
The way the wall looked 6-30-11 when this was done.
Picture wall on 2-2-12

Updated, but still a work-in-progress, picture wall - notice I kept the horizontal line as I added more frames.

Hope this is helpful!  Again, this was done pre-blog, so sorry for the lack of step-by-step photos. 

What are your most favorite framed pieces?  Your child's artwork? Wedding photos? Map of where you first met?

Now you Can Do It Yourself Too !


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