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Hook, Liner, Sink-er

I loved the  pantry  update so much that I decided to do under the kitchen sink.  This was a much needed update, as the old liner was peeling and it was starting to smell a bit musty.  It needed a good cleaning out/organizing anyways. So I got my trusty Target shelf liner, pulled off the old stuff, and got to work.  Pulling off the liner was easy - I just grabbed where it was peeling and pulled at an angle.  Once it was out, I gave the bottom a good scrub down.  I just used some Green Works all-purpose cleaner to wipe it down.  Then I measured the bottom and then cut two pieces. When I got to the pipe area, I just took a knife and cut around the round part at the bottom of the pipes. The two pieces are slightly overlapped in the middle, but you can't even tell because the pattern is so tiny.  I also picked up a stackable shelf from Target to put some of the cleaning materials on.  I like to use as much vertical space as possible.  I put this in the back. Here

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

Here's a little green to help you celebrate your St. Patty's day. Have a Good One ! Placemat from Kohl's, vase from JoAnn's, garland from some dollar store, and candle was lying around the house. Kerry was named after the county Kerry in Ireland, so we take Saint Patrick's Day a little too seriously.  When we got married and started claiming holidays, Kerry made sure to get St. Patrick's Day before anything else. I was okay with this, as his family has some pretty awesome celebrations.  This year we'll be traveling to Kerry's parents in PA and spending some time in their summer kitchen turned pub, drinking some stouts (not the pup), and eating some corned beef and cabbage.   From our house to yours - We home you have an enjoyable St. Patty's Day ! Now you can Do It Yourself Too ! ~Stephanie

Lining 'em up

The previous owners of our house had lined all of the shelves in the house - the pantry, cabinets, drawers, and even the linen closet.  As soon as we moved, I replaced the kitchen cabinets and drawers with some plain white liner.  I didn't get around to the pantry until now.  I was tired of the "kettle-themed" paper and wanted something a little more upbeat. I searched the internet for some patterns and I found  this  one: So off to Target I went, purchased two rolls, and came back home to start my little project.  First, I took everything out of the pantry and wiped it down with some cleaner.  I made sure that any little crumbs were gone and that the shelves were clean.  It looks like there was some previous water damage- maybe that's why they were lined, but it seems to be just water spots and no deterioration of the actual shelf, so I let it go. There were directions on the rolls tho help make putting on the liner easier.  I used those as a guide a

Let there be lamps

Sometimes Kerry and I like to read  study or look at magazines in bed before we hit the hay.  Until two weeks ago, we've only had one lamp in our room - on my nightstand.  It's a pain because he doesn't get enough light and when I want to go to sleep, he has to shut it off when he's finished. I've been searching and searching for lamps for both our nightstands.  Something simple, yet a little modern.  It has to be a good height and a good color for the room.  I've looked at Home Goods, Wal-Mart, Target, IKEA, and TJ Maxx - all with no luck.  Then... we decided to stop at World Market.  Lamps and shades were on sale, so we took a look at what they had.  And I found them! They are the perfect height and the lamp shade is the perfect size.  I like the color, but I'm still deciding on if I like it for our room.  If I don't, I can always spray paint them later on.   I love having the flexibility of two lamps in the room.  I'm glad that

Snap To It !

OK - So I'm just writing a little blurb about the other half of this  towel.  I've used the other half and made one for my mom.  Since I apparently can't make a buttonhole, I decided to put a snap on the hanger part. It turned out perfect !  Also, the stitching on this one is a little better than the first - since mine was a practice trial, I suppose. Hand-sewing the snap was easy.  However, sewing the button overtop the snap was difficult because the holes from the button didn't line up with the holes from the snap. I sewed the snap on first, then I just wriggled my way through the button holes and fabric until I felt it was sturdy enough.  I'm very happy with this result !  Until I figure out how to sew a button hole, I'll be snapping my towels. How do you sew a buttonhole? Do you hand-sew or use the machine? Now you can Do It Yourself Too ! ~Stephanie