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Spooky Spools

Last year, before I found Pinterest, I tore out a photo of these adorable Halloween spools from a scrapbook magazine:
I thought that these were WAY too cute to pass up trying to make.  I already had the embroidery floss thread from when I used to make friendship bracelets (waaay back in the day) and all the paper.  I just needed to stop by Michael's and grab the wooden spools.  I can't remember the exact price, but they were definitely under $1.  

And I found the little corks for Frankenstein's head at Lowe's for cheap as well.  I never thought I'd find those and during one random trip to Lowe's, I spotted them in the hardware section with all the bins of screws and eye hooks and what-not.

I wrapped the floss around the spool until all the wood was covered.  I used tacky glue on the end of the thread to keep it from unraveling.  To make the little eyes for the mummy and Frankenstein, I used a hole punch.  Everything else I cut with scissors or a scrapbooking knife.  I also used tacky glue to glue on the paper pieces and the cork. 

These were very simple and easy to make - a cute way to decorate for Halloween.

Sooo spooky!  Now I just need to find the right place to put them.  Maybe near the front door so they can "spook" people as they walk in the door.

How are you decorating for Halloween?  

Now you can Do It Yourself To !



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