Thursday, December 27, 2012

One, Two, Box My Shoes !

Last week I was looking at my shoes in their respective shoe boxes and decided that it looked too disorderly:

It was time for some reorganizing.  Some of my shoes were already in plastic shoe boxes from Target, so I figured I'd keep them all the same.  

I went to Target and purchased a few more shoe boxes (about $2.50 each) and anxiously awaited my Christmas gift exchange with my friend Mary Rae who purchased the rest!  I really like the purple latch on the sides, but you can find simple and cheaper ones at the dollar store.


Even though the shoe boxes are clear, I wanted a way to label the front of each box.  I'll be looking at the boxes head on and not from the side, so it makes more sense to be able to read a description of the shoe than to pull each box down until I find the one I need.  

I remembered the self-stick chalkboard sheets that I used to make a chalkboard frame back in October and figured I could use those to label.  Then, I thought about using my Cricut to cut out a pretty shape.  Boom - idea complete!

I found the perfect shape on my Storybook cartridge.  It's called Marquee1.  

I tested it out on a piece of scrap paper first to determine the size that I wanted.  I tried 3.5 and it was perfect:

Then I stuck the chalkboard sheet (not peeled) onto the Cricut mat, set the speed to 3 and the pressure to 5, and cut away.

I carefully peeled off the marquee shapes, making sure not to peel it from the backing.  Once I had them off the mat, I peeled off the back and placed them on the shoebox.

So perfect !!!  I went upstairs, took out my shoes from their old boxes, labeled the new box according to the shoe, placed the shoes in the box, and the boxes in the closet.  Perfect and cute organization !!

The chalk will smudge when I touch it, so I have to be careful how I grab the box.  There are chalk markers that I will probably buy that won't smudge and only come off when wiped with water.  

Also, the new boxes take up a little more space because they are a bit taller than the old shoe boxes.  I was able to stack four old shoeboxes in a column, but now I can only get three.  But the new ones are waaay cuter and make the closet look more organized.  I love it !

How do you organize your shoes in your closet?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !


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