Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sitting on a Pedestal

Last year when my paternal Grandma downsized, this lovely pedestal came into my possession. It's a nice size, but in need of a slight makeover.

I started off by unscrewing the legs and taking off the fabric.  The bottom was glued, so I had to do some prying and ripping, but it eventually came off.  The stuffing was interesting - not really a pillow or a foam was sort of like a square of "stuff".  I'm not really sure what this "stuff" was, but it was soft and it didn't smell so I didn't replace it. 

I flipped over the pedestal on top of the new fabric and cut about 3 1/2 inches past the edge of the pedestal so that there was enough fabric to staple to the back.

I also cut a piece of white fabric that I had laying around to hold the "stuffing" in place. I stapled that first to make sure everything stayed in place.

Next it was time to put the new fabric into place.  I folded up two sides and stapled those.

Then I folded the corners.  When I posted about my patio chair redo, I put a link to a video that better shows how to fold corners.  Here's my version:

Put as many staples as you need to ensure that the fabric is tight.  After the corners were done, I cut a piece of fabric that was just about the same size as the bottom of the pedestal and used tacky glue to glue it to the back.  This just makes it have a clean and neat look to the bottom.

Then came the tricky part - finding the screw holes to but the legs back on.  I just used my fingers to feel around until I felt an indent.  Then I took a screw and poked a hole in the fabric.     Once I found all three, I attached the legs to the pedestal.  The legs actually unscrew from the base that holds them, making it easy to use a screwdriver (I only found this out AFTER I had already struggled to screw on three of the legs).

After all legs were tightly attached, I was finished !  What I nice little makeover for a cute little stool. 

What did you reupholster or makeover lately?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !


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