Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chair Re-design

Gotta love free stuff !  Just a couple of weeks after we moved in, we had piles of stuff to donate or sell. First, I thought that I might as well try to get some cash for the stuff before donating it.  So, I put out my piles of stuff... and... waited.  $13 dollars later, I called it quits.  However, my wonderful new neighbor asked if I wanted an old bistro set.  Sure!  Free patio furniture anything is always nice.  So she came over with two chairs and a table, both of which needed some work.

I figured I'd start with the easiest of the set - the two chairs.  I went to JoAnn fabrics, used a coupon (always!), and left with about 1 1/2 yards of outdoor canvas fabric and a about a yard of foam for the seat pads.  Instead of just sanding and painting the wooden seats, I wanted them to be more comfortable...and look better too! 

Step 1: Remove the chairs seat from the frame with a screwdriver.  There were 8 screws per chair.  

Step 2: Put the seat on top of the fabric and cut the fabric so that there are at least 2 inches around each edge.  Then, lay down the fabric, design down to the floor. Lay the pad on top (I cut the pads to be the size of the seat). Then lay the seat on top of the pad (upside down).


Step 3: Fold up two of the sides and use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the seat. You could staple every 2 inches around the perimeter if you wished.  Then fold two corners, staple them, do the other two corners, and then staple the remaining two sides.  See this good tutorial for how to fold corners!

Step 4: Once the fabric is stapled, it is time to screw the seat back to the frame.  It might be best to locate the holes before lining up the frame to the seat.  Push the screws through the fabric so that you can easily align the holes and frame.  Once you finish screwing all the screws back in, you're finished!  Now you have beautiful, cushy seats.

Below is a picture of both chairs on the deck.  This summer I hope to re-do the table-sand it down and repaint it. Not sure yet what kind of design or color... Any thoughts?

What summer projects do you have on your To-do list?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !


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  1. It's awesome! Cute seat design! You should be the next HGTV Star!

    ---genevieve :)