Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Curtains For Ya

So I have this Love-Hate relationship with curtains.  I love how they can make a room look put together and homey, but I hate putting up the curtain rods.  There is just so much tedious measuring and what-not....but I finally found the PERFECT curtains to go into our dining room that made all that work worth it.

Even though we have a pretty decent sized window in the dining room, we don't get a lot of natural light in the room because of the angle of our house, the fact that we only have one window, and our neighbor has a pretty big tree to the side.  So I didn't want real dark curtains or ones that would block the little light that we have.  Here's the dining room window before:

I've been on the lookout for curtains since we painted the dining room in November.  I love my blue-gray color and wasn't sure what would look good.  I didn't buy anything until I knew exactly what I wanted.  I knew that I wanted a double rod so I could have white curtains closest to the windows.  I like the layered look.  So here are my purchases:

The curtains rods are from Target and I've also used them in our basement.  They are a pretty dark brown/bronze color and are simple, yet fancy enough to bring style into the room.

Both curtains are from IKEA.  The blue and white are called EMMIE KVIST and the white ones are MATILDA.  Both were reasonably priced - $70 total for all four panels.  

Hanging up the rods was definetly a two-man person.  I recruited Kerry to help out.  Just like when I hung up the towel rods in our bathroom, we just followed the directions on how to hang up the curtain rod.  

I started from the center of the window and marked where I wanted the first rod holder to go.  I just held the holder up and used a pencil to trace where the screws will go.

After I traced the holes, I got a drill to put a hole for the plastic screw anchors.  To help minimize dry wall dust, I layered two pieces of painters tape, folded it, and placed it on the wall under the pencil holes:

When I drilled, the tape caught most of the dust into a little pile.  Kerry wanted more coverage, so I ended up using three pieces of tape to make it a little bit wider.  It really helped to keep the area clean.

We continued drilling, putting the screw anchors in, measuring, and putting the curtain rods on the wall.  In all honesty, it really didn't take that long.  It was just tedious with the measuring to make sure everything was even (I'm a stickler for that !).  Since I've hung curtain rods a little crooked before (oops !), we really wanted to make sure this one was level and straight.

Once it was finished, Kerry helped me put the curtains on the rods and then place to rods in the holders.  It looks perfect !  The blue and gray flowers in the curtains match the paint color.  I was worried that the curtains would be too much blue and pattern in the room and not enough accent to the room, but when they went up, I fell in love.

Right now the curtains are "pooling" on the floor. I like them like this for now. I'll probably leave them "pooling," but if I ever get tired of them on the floor, I can easily hem them up.

I love the way that the curtains look in the dining room. I'm just tickled with them.  The dining room is just about finished.  I think the only thing left that I want to do is to change out the bronzy chandelier shades to seeded glass shades.  I think that will help to brighten up the room at night.

What kinds of curtains made your room complete? 

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  1. Nice job on the curtains. I really like the bow front glass cabinet! A bit jealous I am!!

    1. Thanks! The curio was my uncle's grandmother's curio - Kerry and I really like it !