Friday, February 7, 2014


With our baby quickly approaching, as well as Valentine's Day, I found this bottle cap holder an appropriate gift for my hubs.  After all, he just purchased a beer making kit which I'm sure he will be putting to good use.  While I could have purchased it, I figured I'd DIY it.  Except for the slit at the top, it was fairly simple to make.

I purchased a shadow box, white letters, and sticker paper at Hobby Lobby.  Make sure to buy two packets of letters.  I forgot to count out how many letters I would need and didn't have enough 'E's', so I had to make a quick (and yes it was actually quick) trip back to Hobby Lobby.

First, I used a pencil to draw a box/slit on the top of the shadow box.  Make sure that it is big enough for the bottle caps to fall in to.

Then came the hard part - cutting the slit.  I'm sure if I had the right tools, like a certain dremel or drill bit, this would have been a lot easier.  However, I don't.  So I had to use some creativity and muscle.  I started off with a box cutter.  I repeatedly cut along the long ends of slit until the cutter went the whole way through.  This part wasn't too hard.  Then came the little sides.  This was hard since the box cutter blade is much bigger than the sides.  I used the box cutter as a starting point to make a small indent.  Then I ended up using a drill with the smallest screw bit I had to make little holes.  Then I took a flat head screw driver and a hammer and gently pounded out the piece of wood.  Phew !

After that, I actually had a pretty nice slit.  I used some brown paint I had around and painted the inside so that it blended into the shadow box.  The hard part is over !

Then I taped some looseleaf paper onto the inside to help me keep my sticker letters straight and centered.  I started from the bottom and worked my way up with the words.  It helped to have an exact-o knife (I have a scrapbooking one) near by for when I needed to pull up the sticker.  Also, don't stick it down the whole way at first.  The letters stick well to the glass and it is VERY difficult to remove the sticker once it is pressed the whole way.

For the beer mug at the top, I free-hand drew the mug on white sticker paper, then used my scrapbooking exact-o knife and slowly and carefully cut it out.  Then I stuck it up top above the words.  I think it looks great !!

What "pub-friendly" decorations do you use?

Happy Valentine's Day !

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !


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