Sunday, February 10, 2013

No Elf on the Shelf Here !

Have you ever had some nice gifts from Christmas, wedding, or birthday that you want to put in your house, but just haven't found the perfect place for it?  Well, Kerry and I have been married for almost five years now and we received two pretty shelves as gifts from family friends…we did register for them…and they have been sitting under our guest bed since we moved in.  Now, give me some slack here - we did rent for our first three years of marriage so it was pointless hard to hang things up.

Well, I was inspired by a friend to get a move on figuring out a place for at least ONE of the two shelves.  It now has a home in our master bathroom.  Above the toilet was a nice, blank wall that needed some decor love, so I figured that would be the perfect spot for a shelf.  

To hang up the shelf, I spread some painter's tape across the back from hole to hole. I made sure that the top of the tape and the top of the shelf were of equal length so that it would be level.

Then I just poked a tiny hole in the tape where the nails would go.  Then I placed the painter's tape on the wall, made sure it was level, and drilled in two screws.  

Then I took off the tape and hung the shelf.  Ta da !

On the shelf, I placed an Elf on the Shelf…Just kidding ! I placed two candle holders that I purchased from IKEA awhile ago (which have also been needing a home) and a framed word cloud.

You can download mine here or you can make your own here. There are other websites out there to make word clouds, but I find this one fairly simple to use.  I printed out the cloud, taped it to some card stock I had on hand, made some circles, and placed it in the frame.  Love it!

This was a quick and simple update to our bathroom and the the word cloud makes me smile when I see it.  It also adds a little color to the bathroom since it is so neutral.

What little addition have you added to spruce up your home?

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