Sunday, December 9, 2012

YHL Book Signing !

November 28, 2012 was my very first book signing.  It just so happened to be a book by the inspirational couple from YHL.  If you can have a blog crush, I have one - on Sherry and John.  Their blog is fantastic flippin' awesome! Let me tell you the short story of how I found Sherry and John...

Back in May of 2011 when Kerry and I purchased our first house, we were debating on where to put the area rug in our master bedroom.  Kerry wanted it fully under the bed, while I wanted it partially under the bed with more rug coming out the foot of the bed.  So, I googled "rug under bed," clicked on images, and I came across their post about the rug in their bedroom.  It was placed partially under the bed with more rug coming out of the foot of the bed.  I showed it to Kerry and he liked it.  I won ;)  But after that, I became obsessed (…like check every hour obsessed) at looking at their blog and how they DIY'd.

So fast forward to this year when they mentioned that they were coming out with a book.  When it became available online, I purchased it...immediately.  I was so excited when it came in the mail:

When I found out that they were having book signings and there was in on DC, I got giddy - like kid in the candy store giddy.  I couldn't pass it up so I signed up.  I figured, why-the-heck-not.  I've never been to a book signing and this is a book that inspires me.  They essentially inspired me to start my own blog (not that it'll ever compare to theirs) that I hope will inspire you.

So, on November 28th, Kerry and I (yes, my husband came with me !) made our way to Georgetown to a little carpet store called FLOR.

I would characterize YHL as the 'long line around the block' popular.  The book signing confirmed just that.  We waited three long hours in the cold…but cookies (seriously awesome cookies) and hot tea kept us warm.  After freezing our behinds off, we finally made it inside to get my book signed.  

Sherry and John were as friendly and amazing in person as they are online.

We chit-chatted for a little bit and they each signed my book.  I also brought a little tag tied to an old skeleton key that was my grandmother's.  I'll eventually take the tag off and scrapbook it on "My First Book Signing" page.  #DorkAlert!

Was waiting three hours in the cold worth it?  Yes.  Thanks John and Sherry for all of your inspiration!

What inspires you these days? 


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