Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fallin' For Tulle Wreaths

Pinterest is at it again.  While browsing Pinterest during my daily hourly look through, I found this pretty fall wreath:

Since it is on Etsy, I started to look for an online tutorial on how to make a tulle wreath.  I've never seen one before, so I wasn't sure where to start.  Google makes searching for things so easy and I quickly found this tutorial.  It was very helpful.

I got most of my materials at a store called WOW Outlets in Pennsylvania while visiting my family (yes, another trip to PA).  The foam ring is 11".  I originally started with a 12" ring, but felt it was too big.  I had almost the whole wreath covered with tulle, didn't like it, and took it apart for the smaller ring.

I got some of the tulle at the same store, some at the $1.00 section in JoAnn's, and had some cut from a bolt at JoAnn's.  I also purchased some gold ribbon as well.

The flower, leaves, and scarecrow are all from fall decorations I had lying around the house.

Each roll of tulle is 6 inches wide.  I cut the tulle to 28 inches long.  As I was making the wreath, I didn't like that length, so I cut it as I was making it.  Each piece probably ended up being about 22 inches long.  I would suggest starting long and cutting down.  You can always take length off, but can't put it back onunless you just cut a new piece of tulle.

Once I cut my pieces, I started to place them on the foam ring.  I didn't really follow any pattern of color, just whatever looked good.  Pictures are the best way to show how to put the tulle on.  I can't really explain it.  I have seen some tutorials that just tie the tulle in a regular knot.  That looks good, too.  I suppose whatever suits your taste.

Here is an "in progress" picture of making the wreath:

This is when the tulle was still slightly too long and it needed a 'tullecut'.  It was sort of like cutting hair so I had to make sure that all the tulle lined up so that it wasn't jagged around the edges.  

The more tulle you have, the better that it looks.  You want to make sure that the tulle is tightly scrunched up next to each other so that it looks fuller.

Just about finished:

Once the ring was completely covered and I cut the tulle to the length I wanted it to be.  Then it was time to hot glue on the decorations.  I added the leaves first, then the flower, and then the scarecrow.  I just used a hot glue gun to stick it to the tulle.
Almost done!

In order to hang it up, I just cut some brown ribbon that I had and tied it around the top to make a loop.

Now it is ready to hang on our front door.

It looks so cute up against our red door and I love it.  I like the cranberry/ wine-ish colors the most on the wreath.  I think it really makes the wreath pop.  I tried to look for a more golden/sunflower yellow tulle, but had to settle for a paler yellow.  Someday I'll switch out the pale yellow for a more golden yellow when I find it.  

What a fun way to fancy up a door for the fall !  It was a pretty easy, simple, and fun craft to make.  The hardest part was searching for all the tulle colors that I wanted.  

I hope you enjoy making this craft.  If you make one, please share.  I'd love to see your take on it.  Maybe a Christmas, Easter, or even a St. Patrick's Day tulle wreath (Kerry would love a St. Pat's one !).

How have you decorated your door for the fall?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !



  1. About how much tulle did you use? Love this idea and wanna make one of my own!!! SO CUTE

  2. I believe it actually came to about 45 yards. I squished a lot of tulle onto the foam so it was pretty full. Each piece was about 22 inches and approximately 70 pieces were used. JoAnn's dollar section seems to have 25yd rolls. Hope yours turns out well !!

  3. I love the wreath and the red door. Awesome job thanks for sharing. I have been hesitant in putting out my fall stuff because frankly it's still hot here in Texas and it's sort of hard to get in the mood for fall when it's hot outside. But this wreath has put me in the Fall Spirit. Thanks <3 Kim

  4. I am having trouble with the tulling standing up at the top of the wreath (it droops and falls forward) seems like the tulle is too soft. I bought it in 6" wide rolls at 100 yards long. cut the tulle to lengths needed and the top still flops down. this is for a wedding and i want it to stand flat and out on all sides. Instead of using a fabric stiffener spray is there a different type of tulle I culd be using.

  5. A few of my tulle at the top droops over, too. I think the shorter the tulle, the better it stays up. I wonder if spray starch or hairspray would help stiffen it up?

  6. Does the tulle stay tight when it's pulled through the loops like that? I'm making a sparkly pink one for the door to my daughter's room, but I don't want to be stopping to tighten it up every other day. But I don't like the weird angles the tulle sticks out in if you tie it into a knot, either.

    1. The tulle does stay tight in the knot, but mine does droop a bit. I'm not sure if mine are too long, or maybe I should spray some starch or hairspray on it to keep it stiff. Hope this helps !

  7. Once you pull it through the loop you can tie a regular knot and it will stay together and stands up a little better.

  8. BERNATH cigale.nathalie@wanadoo.frJuly 25, 2016 at 12:10 PM

    superbe creation bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Do you have a list of materials used? I just love this so much!!

    1. I used an 11 inch foam ring from a local craft store, tulle I found mostly at JoAnns in the dollar section, ribbon from JoAnns, and flower, leaves, and scarecrow are all from fall decorations I had lying around the house.

  10. My daughter is having a baby girl soon. I made a pink initial wreath. My husband put it on a stand to display it at her baby shower. The top of it is falling forward a little. I don't know if it's too long or static electricity caused it or what. My husband said that I should spray it with hairspray or starch. Has anyone tried that?

  11. How do you keep the tuelle tight on the wreath with out knotting it?

  12. i agree WOW outlets rock! When I visit my family I always stock up on my favorite NFL and NHL gear! Thanks for the wreath tutorial!