Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Liner Please

School and traveling back to Pennsylvania for tailgates and baby showers has been keeping us pretty busy.  However, I had some time to squeeze in a quick update last week while Kerry was out of the country. 

I hadn't planned on changing the shelf liner in the linen closet in the hallway...until I saw this cheap liner at Marshalls:

It was only $5.99 (who doesn't love a good deal?!) and such a cute and simple pattern that I couldn't pass it up.  I couldn't resist so I purchased two sets of the liner.

Our old liner was actually pretty cute - little pink flowers - and there was nothing wrong with it.  But it was a little bland, so like I said, when I saw the new liner, I got it since I thought it could definitely update the closet.

The old liner came off easily.  I just found a corner and pulled it up a bit.  Once I got a good hold, I pulled at an angle and off it came.

I measured the shelf and then cut the pieces of the new liner (measure twice, cut once!).  I kept the liner backing on except at a corner because I've tried pulling of all the backing and it ends up sticking to itself and then gets ruined.  I placed the corner of the liner into a back corner of the shelf and lined it up. Then I pulled off the liner backing as I smoothed it out onto the shelf.  

After I got the liner on, I just tucked the excess under the shelf.  I felt like that would just reinforce it and help it to stick better to the shelf.  No point in wasting it.  That was easy !

Not too much of a difference, but a simple update to the closet makes me smile.

What have you lined lately?  Drawers? Shelves?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !


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