Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bathroom Floor - Part 2: After Grout

Earlier this week I posted about the first part of our new bathroom floor.  It's been a bit crazy with school starting and all, but I'm trying to get all the posts done before it gets real crazy. Now on with the bathroom floor expedition !  Once all the mortar dried (we let it dry over a weekend) it was time to grout.  My college friend Mal was visiting and helped me out during this process. 

I mixed the grout up with water according to the directions, and we started.  We used a putty knife to spread the grout into all the cracks.  

Make sure to get the grout into all the cracks.  You might have to keep spreading the grout over the cracks until they are filled, especially if you see little air bubbles. We worked on sections of the floor, as to make sure that the grout didn't dry before we had a chance to wipe it off.

Once a section was grouted, we waited about five minutes for it to set a bit and then began to wipe it off.  Make sure to have a bucket filled with water nearby.  You will be rinsing your sponge off frequently.  Also, the water will get a bit sandy from the grout, so you'll want to dump it out somewhere where it won't clog a drain.

Mal was a wiping champ !  She helped do most of the floor. She wiped at an angle to make sure the grout didn't come out when she wiped.

It was looking so good !!

We just continued this process until the whole floor was grouted.  This was the real fun part.  It was pretty easy and it really made the floor look finished.  It just needed to dry.

Now all that is left to do is put down the quarter rounds on the baseboard !  It's amazing how nice it looks already !

What was your favorite DIY project that you have completed ?

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