Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Craft Area Update

Since my last major clean-up of my craft area in February, my craft area started to get a bit cluttered again: 

It's a bit messy, but it's been worse.  However, it was in need of an update.  I've been wanting to get a new table for some time now, as this one is, from what I'm told, is my great-grandma's.  As lovely as it is, it's a bit musty smelling and the paint is chipping and most objects stick to the paint on the top.  I finally got the push to go to IKEA and get a new table.  I love how inexpensive their tables can be.  I picked up the VIKA AMON ($26) top and four VIKA ADILS legs ($3.50 each !) for my new table.

It was simple to put together.  They had predrilled holes in the top for the legs to go in. I just followed the directions to attach the legs to the top:

Then I rearranged my area a bit and organized some and voila:

My area is once again organized and now I have a more functional table top to work on.  It's smooth, not stinky, and doesn't attach itself to anything I put on it.  I <3 IKEA.

Before and after:

In addition to the table, I purchased some KASSET boxes to hid some of the stuff that was just lying around.  They contain ribbon, thread, and "random" stuff.  I might make more curtain panels, but right now I like the half covered look. I'd also like to DIY some book ends for the top shelf.  

The new look makes me happy.  Hope it helps to inspire some organization!

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