Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Little Leafy

Since we moved in last May, I've been trying to find something to go above our headboard in our bedroom.  When we first moved it, I hung a small watercolor of lily pads that my grandmother painted, but that found a new home in our guest bedroom months ago.  Since then, it's been boring and bland:

I've been looking for ideas and haven't found any that I felt was "the one" for the bedroom.  But then one day, with a coupon in hand, I went to visit Michael's craft store.  It's been a while since I've browsed there, plus I needed to find a candle for my Gram.  So off I went with my friend in search of a candle, when I saw THE PERFECT solution to my headboard problem:

The frame + the print came together.  They were naturistic and earthy, the right size, and the perfect colors for our room.  And at...wait for it...$6.99 EACH (plus my teacher's 15% discount) I couldn't pass them up.  I purchased them and off I went to hang them up.

Kerry had to help with this one.  I already had centered the wall from the previous painting, so all we needed to do was measure the size of the new pictures and center them.  The wall from window frame to window frame is 59 inches.  Each picture is 17 inches wide and we wanted even spaces in between the frame, picture, picture, and frame.  That came out to be about eight and one third inches.

We used one of those laser photo hanging devices. It really helped out in making sure that all our nails were in a straight line and level. 

While Kerry held the laser, I put four pencil dots on the wall for the nails. I didn't use picture hangers because the frames are sort of like shadow boxes (sorry for no picture).  I just nailed in the nails and set the frames on the nails.  I plan on getting some Command Stabilizer strips so that the frames don't fall off the nails and bonk us in the head while we're sleeping.

Here's the final (excitingly beautiful) product: 

I think they look fabulous on the wall and it makes our room feel much more cozy.  It's amazing what a difference a couple pictures on a wall makes in a room.

What is your latest photo update?

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  1. Where did you get the laser level at? I need one desperately!

    1. I got it for Kerry at The Lakeside Collection-just a random magazine I got in the mail. You can get better ones at Lowe's or Home Depot though.