Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Upgraded Wicker Patio Set

In November, Kerry's parents gave us this nice wicker patio set:

We needed something to sit, set down a cool drink, and relax on so we were excited about it.  I was fine with the white because it brightened up the patio...until I saw this set at Lowe's.  

I just LOVE the green cushions !!  And the color of the chairs.  I had to have it...but the price just wasn't right... yet... and we have a nice set already.  So, I decided to upgrade the white with Krylon Outdoor Spaces Hammered Finish spray paint.

I had some old wood pieces and an old shelf that I used to put the wicker love seat and table on when I sprayed them.  

Since the wicker is a little porous (the white was primer/paint so I didn't have to prime first.  Otherwise, you'll have to prime if the wicker is its original color) and interwoven with lots of space in between, it took three cans of paint to do the love seat and one for the table.
The color is slightly lighter and a bit more metallic than I had imagined, but the results are great:

One of my summers project will be to find some fun green fabric and make a cushion for the love seat.

This was a pretty simple project, especially since I didn't have to sand or prime.  I'm pleased with the results and can't wait for a sunny day to sit and relax.

What patio furniture have you repurposed? 

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !



  1. SO much more elegant than the white!

  2. I have the identical set and repainted this weekend with the Hammered Brown.... Came out AMAZING!
    Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. I just picked up a beat up wicker set off Craigslist. I am seriously on my way to go buy this paint, I love what you did and the look.

  4. Thanks! Hope it works out well!

  5. Is this set an original wicker. Or antique?

    1. It is definitely not an antique, so I'm going to assume just an original. My in-laws purchased from Craig's list.