Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Hanging Towels

I just wanted to share what I started over Easter break and finished yesterday in between church, hunting for Easter baskets, and eating tons of food.  My Gram's birthday and my godmother's birthday is in April, so I told them I'd make an Easter hanging towel for them.  I had four towels, so I was able to make 8 all together.  Only five are shown:

Since I last made the shamrock one, I did find out that I can make a buttonhole with my sewing machine.  However, I can't find the manual so I still don't know how to use it.  So I'm still sewing snaps on the towels like I did here.  I did figure out that I can sew the button on at the same time as the snap, so that made it MUCH easier than the first time I did it.  I actually like the snaps and will probably keep with it even if when I do figure out how to use it.

I gave all of them away as gifts, except for one.  I think they turned out just springy :)

I hope that you all had a blessed Easter !

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !



  1. Is there a pattern for this towel?

  2. Here it is !

  3. Can't access the pattern. Must be logged in and a member of the blog. Would love to become a member if there was a link to do so. This is super frustrating! Why have the pattern if people have to jump thru hoops to access it.

  4. How can we login to see the pattern? It's password protected.

  5. Hello ! You can find a link to the pattern on this past post:

    The pattern is not mine, however the links provided do work. I hope this helps !

    1. Yes I can click the link but it still won't let me in. Here is what I get: — 403: Access Denied —

      This file requires authorization:

      You must be logged in
      and a member of this blog.

      Is there ANY other way to get the pattern pieces? I really really need this today for gift item.
      Thank you!!!

    2. I'm not sure why the link isn't working - maybe the original owner of the pattern took away the link. Here is another that is exactly what I used:

    3. Just highlight,clip, and paste into your browser box. Then it works fine.

    4. Thank you SO much for the pattern! I just love it!

  6. pdf doesn't work, could you email a copy to

    thank you,