Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tool Wall !

My first project post is about our tool wall.  Organization makes life so much easier!

After painting our laundry/storage room, my first need was to organize the tools.  Previously, we had all our tools thrown into a big tub.  Every time I needed something, I had to rummage through the tub and pull almost everything out in order to get the tool I needed. So, a pegboard tool wall was the solution.  

I got 2, 2x4 foot pegboards.  I first walked out of Lowe's with a 4x4 pegboard, but it would not fit in my car.  So I walked right back in, returned, and got 2 smaller ones. I also got 6, 1x2x4 boards (pine, oak, poplar will work). 

To hang the tools, I bought a 43 piece pegboard organizer and some extra pegboard hooks. 
After using a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall, I drilled 2 inch drywall screws through the boards, into the walls. I had to build a frame first, otherwise the pegboard would be right up against the wall and I would not be able to put the pegs in the holes.  The two vertical boards shown are where the studs are located. 
I used the same drywall drills to attach the pegboard to the frame.  
After I took this photo, I added the last board to the frame (on the far left).
I added the pegboard hooks, and voi-la - Organized tools!
Finished product with all the tools on the pegboard.  For my blog, most of the tools you will need can be found right here.

Steelers rug not included.

So this is my first project post.  I completed this project on June 22, 2011.  It was actually pretty quick and easy.  Since this project was done pre-blog, I was not yet taking REAL step-by-step photos, nor keeping track of material names.  I will promise to do better as the blog goes on.

How do you organize your tools?  A nice tool chest? Pegboard? Tub?

Now you can Do It Yourself Too !



  1. Your tool wall looks great! It’s definitely a good idea to get all your tools sorted and organized. It makes finding them easier and is also a lot safer for everyone at home. I used to keep my tools in a chest, but they were usually packed in helter-skelter. I ended up building a tool cabinet with drawers to make sure everything is sorted out.

  2. What an efficient tool board. Now, everything’s clean and organized! As for me, I keep my tools in pegboards. My sister used to call it “the pegboard book of tools” because that set of pegboard literally looks like a huge book. :D

    1. We really like the pegboard too - much better than digging through a tub full of tools. We've even added some more tools since last January…with a pegboard, adding new tools is super easy and everything has a place.