Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY 2 - a new blog about simple ideas that you can do too!

Welcome to my first post!  I'm excited, yet anxious to start a blog - not knowing what will come of it.  My main purpose is just to share my projects with my family and friends as my husband and I put together our first house.  However, I'm hoping that as I share, others will become inspired to DIY too, knowing that it can be pretty simple if you just use a little elbow grease.  So far, mostly all the projects I've done thus far have been done with simple tools that most people should have laying around the house.

I get my inspirations from other DIY blogs, Pinterest, Better Homes and Garden magazines, and just browsing the internet for an idea to complete my interest for a home improvement.  I love organizing and am still working on becoming a better organizer.  I also like making crafts, scrapbooking, and gardening - all of which I will share when the projects are completed.

I hope you will find these ideas interesting and inspiring.  Remember, you can DIY too!

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