Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knob !

I've been reading a lot about the store Anthropologie and decided to stop and see what the rave is all about.  It is a pretty neat store with lots of knick-knacks for the home and it has clothes as well.  I really didn't have anything in mind to purchase when I went in the store, but I came out with this pretty little thing.

There is a door knob on our linen closet upstairs that keeps falling off.  I planned on fixing it, but when I saw the door knob at Anthropologie, I figured I'd just replace it.  We plan to paint the upstairs hallway and stairway a lighter yellow and I already have two teal plates lined up to hang in the hallway.  So when I saw the knob, it was a no brainer.

Here's the door before:

I just pulled off the knob and unscrewed the rest from behind the door.  I'm not sure what this part is called, but it's what the knob was falling off from attached to.  

It was quite simple to put the new knob on.  I just put it through the hole and twisted the nut on it to secure it.

Looks good and I'm pleased with the results.  Now I can open our linen closet without the knob falling off.

What simple adjustment have you made to your home?

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  1. What a cute little difference. I have been wanting to upgrade the plain ol' white knobs I have on my laundry room closet doors. I just need to find the right knobs to 'set them off'. Thanks for sharing!